Sealing Tape


New generation, high performance, acrylic polymer based hydrophilic sealing tape that swells upon contact with water.





Wet-Dry Expansion Ratio

250 %

Application Temperature

-20°C / +50°C

Water Pressure Strength

7 Bar



7 Days    

-60°C / +80°C

Hardness (Shore A)

40 ± 5

14 Days



* Hereby technical values and product application instructions are obtained in the wake of tests conducted in environment of +23±2°C temperature with relative humidity of %50±5. Higher temperatures will shorten the time span, while lower temperatures will extend it.

  • Easy to use. Easily applicable on horizontal and vertical areas.

  • Upon contact with water, it expands up to 600% and fills possible cracks and pores in cold joints. It makes concrete joints waterproof.

  • Swells strongly and rapidly.

  • Requires no bonding/welding at joints.

  • Applicable in areas with varying water pressure.

  • Swells in saltwater as well.

  • Returns to its original size when the contact with water ends.

Areas of Use
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Wall connections

  • Reinforced concrete construction

  • As water retainer at piping inlets & outlets

  • Foundation and shear wall joints

  • Construction joints of cable channels

  • Joints of former and new concrete

  • Construction joints

Method of Application

A portion of the band is cut from the roll, enough for the application surface. The exposed side of the band is adhered to the concrete and in order to achieve greater adhesion it is pressed against the concrete for a time. The joints are placed 10 cm apart from each other and not on top of each other so they don’t overlap. After the band adhesion process pour the concrete over the band without damaging it.

  • 5 mm x 20 mm x 20 m roll                     
  •  10 mm x 20 mm x 10 m roll
Storage and Shelf Life

The shelf life of the product is 24 months when it is stored on wooden pallets in a cool, dry and moisture free environment with an ambient temperature between +10°C and +25°C.

Safety Measures

The operator should be wearing proper work attire, goggles, mask and protective gloves appropriate to work and worker
safety regulations. In case of contact with the eyes or accidental ingestion of the product seek immediate medical attention.
For further information on the safe handling of this product please read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Surface Preparation

The surface should be cleaned of all residual materials such as dust, oil, dirt, paint, curing materials, bitumen and other foreign substances that would prevent adhesion. Surface may be dry or slightly humid. Not recommended for application on wet surfaces or rainy weather. Highly rough surfaces may lead to water leakage after application. The concrete surface, where the tape is to set, should be as smooth as possible. Plasters that cannot adhere completely to surface and weaker particles should be cleaned of surface prior to application.

Application Conditions

The product should not be removed from its packaging until it is to be used. After application, avoid contact with water until concrete is poured on. Water hardness and salt ratio may affect volume change. Not suitable for use with joints that are likely to move.


You can contact us to access the Safety Data Sheet.