Decorative Plaster Mortar - Fine


White cement based, water repellent, long lasting, decorative facade mortar with high adhesive strength and polymer additive that ensures decorative finish by minimising application errors.




White powder





Water Vapour Transmission Rate


Application Temperature

Between +5°C and +30°C

Water Transmission Rate


Application Thickness

Average 2 mm

Crack Bridging


Complete Dry Time

2 – 3 days

Carbon Dioxide Permeability


Dry Film Thickness


Reaction to Fire


Grain Size


* Hereby technical values and product application instructions are obtained in the wake of tests conducted in environment of +23±2°C temperature with relative humidity of %50±5. Higher temperatures will shorten the time span, while lower temperatures will extend it.


  • Easy to apply.

  • Long-lasting, non-flammable and does not blister.

  • Creates natural texture on surface due to special filling size.

  • Allows breathing surfaces due to its water vapour permeable structure.

  • Resistant to water and frost.

  • Resistant to sudden heat changes; no contraction or peeling.

  • Available for painting with house-paint if required.

  • Fixes surface errors or defects.

Areas of Use
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces requiring durability and decorative look

  • Decorative covering on thermal insulation systems

Method of Application

YAPIFINE COOL DS FINE Decorative Plaster Mortar is applied on the surface with a steel trowel. 5 minutes after it is spread homogeneously on the surface, it is given a decoration with a plastic trowel with circular motions.

Trowel should be frequently cleaned during decoration.

In case the ambient temperature is high, the application surface is kept wet until the cement sets. Once the surface is fully dry, if desired, it can be painted with house paint.

  • 25 kg kraft bag
Storage and Shelf Life

The shelf life of the product is 12 months when it is stored on wooden pallets in a cool, dry and moisture free environment with an ambient temperature between +10°C and +25°C.

Safety Measures

The operator should be wearing proper work attire, goggles, mask and protective gloves appropriate to work and worker safety regulations.

In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with plenty of water before seeking immediate medical attention. Rinse with plenty of water in case of contact with the skin.

Since it is cement based, do not breathe its powder.

For further information on the safe handling of this product please read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Surface Preparation

Screed surface where the application will be made should be clean and dry. Surface should be freed from residual materials which may prevent adhesion.

Prior to application, apply YAPIFINE COOL PRIME Decorative Plaster Primer on the surface with brush or roll.

Application Conditions

Do not apply on horizontal or inclined surfaces.

Application shouldn’t be done directly on brick or gas concrete surfaces.

Should not be applied when the ambient temperature is not within the values of +5°C and +35°C. The application area should be protected from the effects of wind and direct sunlight.

Avoid application where there is frost or there is a risk of frost.

Avoid application where there is a risk of frost in the first 24 hours after the application or in areas open to direct sunlight or wind.

Avoid application or take necessary protective measures in case snow or excessive cold weather is expected within about 1 week until the cement is set after application.

The final consumption amount might vary depending on application conditions and surface characteristics.

Mixture Preparation

Pour YAPIFINE COOL DS FINE on 6-6.5 l of clean water slowly and mix to obtain a homogeneous paste free from lumps.

A low speed mixer is recommended to mix. Do not add any substances which are not mentioned in the instructions for the application.

Leave to rest and mature for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards mix for 1-2 more minutes and the mortar will be ready for application. Consume the prepared mortar within 1,5-2 hours. Under no circumstances the expired mortar should be used.


2,4 – 2,8 kg/m²


You can contact us to access the Safety Data Sheet.