Curing Compounds


ARSET KUR SERIES products are a acrylic copolymer or paraffin based one component curing compound that is applied on cementitious surfaces. Applied onto the poured fresh concrete to prevent fast loss of water.


Chemical Base

Acrylic copolymer or paraffin based

Color / Appearance

Homogeneous liquid

  • Ready-to-use can be applied easily.

  • Prevents shrinkage by reducing water loss rate of fresh concrete.

  • Chloride and organic solvent-free.

  • Minimizes cracks.

  • Decreases dusting on the surface.

  • It allows for curing of the concrete and achieving maximum performance without affecting the normal setting of concrete by means of retaining the water within the concrete by means of the thin film it creates on the surface.

  • It must be used especially all kinds of weather conditions in high evaporation. It prevents the shrinkage cracks and surface dusting.

  • It does not prevent the adherence of cementitious and gypsum plasters to be applied on it.

Areas of Use
  • On the fresh concrete and screed surfaces

  • At the surface hardener applications

  • In order to prevent concrete mixing water evaporation after removing the moulds

  • At airport concrete and aprons

  • Irrigation channels

  • This product can be applied in all kinds of field concrete, channel and flume concretes and all of the surface curing applications

Terms of Use
  • It is applied over the new concrete or on the top of the surface hardeners that was applied to fresh concrete by brush or roller.

  • However, the concrete should be hardened enough in order to avoid damaging the surface. Immediately after the outdoor applications, the surface should be protected against the effects like rain, snow, etc. for 2-3 hours. At the end of this period, the curing material is not affected by the external factors.

  • It is a ready-to-use product and should not be diluted with water. Please shake well before use.

  • It cannot be applied on dry concrete surfaces. It must not be applied to the wet surfaces.

  • It should not be applied on non-porous, non-absorbent and glazed surfaces.

  • After the water on the freshly poured concrete evaporates, it should be applied in a thin film using a spray gun or compressed air spray machines or a roll.

  • Cured areas should not be stepped on and protected from rain until they are dry.

  • During the implementation, air circulation is necessary.

  • Ponding and formation of bubbles should be prevented.

  • The color differences on the surface shall disappear in time. It is recommended to try the product on small areas prior to application.

Consumption Dosage

The usage of ARSET KUR SERIES products varies depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and wind.

Method of Application
  • ARSET KUR SERIES products are applied directly by a brush, a roll or by spraying on the surface when the surface is started to become mat after fresh concrete is poured and leveling process is completed.
  • It should be applied approximately 30-45 minutes after surface hardener process has finished depending on the ambient temperature.
  • It should be applied after removing the moulds. Dust, dirt and other items on the existing surface that prevent bonding should be cleaned before the application.
  • It gives a transparent, mat appearance after the application.
  • 30 kg plastic drum
  • 250 kg drum
  • 1000 kg container


Storage and Shelf Life

Shelf life is 12 months from the date of production when stored in original unopened and undamaged packages (drums, barrels, IBC containers) at temperatures between +5 °C and +35 °C, protecting from direct sunlight, excessive heat and frost.

If the product has waited for a long time, make it homogeneous by mixing slowly at low speed with mechanical methods before using the product.

Make sure that the product does not freeze.

Safety Measures

Use protective clothes, gloves, glasses and mask compatible with health and safety regulations during the application. Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin during storing and application, in case of contact wash off thoroughly with soap and water, if ingested seek medical attention immediately. Store away from all foodstuffs. Keep away from children. ARSET KUR SERIES products are not flammable. For detailed safety information please consult the product’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS).



You can contact us to access the Safety Data Sheet.