Concrete Remover Chemicals


ARSET REMOVER SERIES products are an agent to prevent concrete residues to stick on the outer surface of concrete pumps and truck mixers and also remove the existing concrete residues that has already hardened.


Chemical Base

Acid based

Color / Appearance

Homogeneous liquid


  • Does not damage the surface, inner and outer appearance of the materials to be used.

  • Cleans dirt and rust. Does not discolor the dyes.

  • Cleans the clogging resulting from concrete wastes.

Areas of Use
  • At the servicing of concrete pumps before starting or after finishing work

  • At the servicing of truck mixers before starting or after finishing work

  • For the cleaning of concrete pumps and truck mixers

  • For the servicing and protection of cement silos

  • For the cleaning ceramic, granite, natural stones

Terms of Use
  • In case of cleaning thin sheet metals and thin iron materials, it is necessary to dilute 1/5 ratio.
  • Please use gloves and goggles during application and avoid contact with skin. Please read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
Method of Application

ARSET REMOWER SERIES products are ready-to-use. It is applied on the surface by means of a suitable brush. The brush is pushed on the surface that will be cleaned. It can be applied more than single layer depending on the condition of the surface. 15 minutes after finishing the application, the surface should be washed by water thoroughly. Contaminated water should be avoided to spill around.

It can be applying only a single layer on the clean surface if it will be used in order to prevent concrete to stick on it. It is recommended to use protective clothes, gloves, glasses while applying the material.

  • 30 kg plastic drum
Storage and Shelf Life

Shelf life is 12 months from the date of production when stored in original unopened and undamaged packages (drums, barrels, IBC containers) at temperatures between +5 °C and +35 °C, protecting from direct sunlight, excessive heat and frost.

If the product has waited for a long time, make it homogeneous by mixing slowly at low speed with mechanical methods before using the product.

Make sure that the product does not freeze.

Safety Measures

Use protective clothes, gloves, glasses and mask compatible with health and safety regulations during the application. Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin during storing and application, in case of contact wash off thoroughly with soap and water, if ingested seek medical attention immediately. Store away from all foodstuffs. Keep away from children. ARSET REMOVER SERIES products are not flammable. For detailed safety information please consult the product’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS).



You can contact us to access the Safety Data Sheet.